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Empowering brand with statement crowns


Yokaw, Make up artist, Food creative, Crazy bunny lady, Goddess.

Liselotte Admiraal

Photo by Husne Afsar

Photo by Husne Afsar

Yokaw Pat (32), Make-up artist, Foodblogger for Vogue 

You have picked the Goddess crown to wear on your portrait, can you tell us why?

I’m always the person that trips over everything, I’m always too hungry to be a delicate eater and I don’t own a single piece of sexy lingerie, so sexy and goddess were two words I have never ever associated myself with. And yet suddenly a few days ago arrived this shiny pink Victoria Secrets robe, with my name embroidered on the back, with love from Charlotte Tilbury. So now that I am part of the VS team, I am a Goddess, right?

You brought your bunny, Princess Beefcake to the photoshoot. Can you tell us something about your Wonderland?

My roommates are three rabbits and only one of them is a princess, princess Beefcake. She is fussy with her foods, likes to take long naps, enjoys lots of attention and prefers to not lift a single paw all day. She has 2 fluffy boys to princess around.

Clothes and food tell me a revolution is coming

You also create food blogs for Vogue besides your work as a beauty creative for 'de Bijenkorf' and a freelance hair and make-up artist. When did you start working with food and how do these worlds connect?

Gijsje Ribbens from Vogue Netherlands has this sixth sense for spotting people with talents and putting them in the right places. She offered me the job two years ago as a food blogger, which I would never have thought of myself and it’s been one of my best rides of my life ever since.

As Diane Vreeland famously said: “Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes.” The same can be applied to food, so why not combine it?

How do you feel about Feminism and how is this a part of your life?

I never considered myself a feminist, but the clothes and food tell me a revolution is coming, so why not ride that wave and get inspired.

What is your mission in life?

Trying to figure it out.

Who inspires you to be a better version of yourself?

My 3 bunnies, I’m not a morning person and still I wake up early for them every single day to feed them on time.. or otherwise they will violently throw around their bowls to make sure I am aware of what time it is.

give it your 100% and stay true to yourself

Is there a woman who you would love to crown?

Kim Chi, a 7’tall, live action anime character and high fashion model who never fails to surprise and delight with her larger than life looks.

What has been your biggest life lesson so far?

You can do whatever you want and be whoever you want, as long as you give it your 100% and stay true to yourself, I mean I have even made it into the VS team.

we are all part of a revolution where everybody can pick their own fitting crown

If you could time travel and give young Yokaw a wise advice, what would it be?

There is no such thing as waking up one day and becoming a knowing it all grown-up. Everybody in life is still figuring it out.

How do you feel about Wild Monarchy and it's story?

No matter what race, gender, background or religion, we are all part of a revolution where we are moving towards a society where everybody can pick their own fitting crown. I may not be the most radical feminist at heart, because I rather believe everybody can become something in this world.

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Photo by Husne Afsar

Photo by Husne Afsar

Mayra de Wilde, Journalist, Model, Mommy to be, Princess

Liselotte Admiraal

Mayra Louise de Wilde (35), freelance journalist & model, founder of

What's the story behind The Publisized?

The idea of a personal blog always appealed to me but I never made it happen. About five years ago I decided to re-examine my life. I began to learn to love myself and I imagined it would be cool to share my journey and lessons. Another big motivation: I really missed diversity in the fashion world. Plus size models were still an exception to the rule. I wanted to be part of the change and I hoped my blog would be a way to do that. Being both a journalist and a model, with The Publisized I felt I could join these two worlds together. And: I love to share the stories of other women too!

Can you tell us your mission in life?

I’m not so much on a mission but I do hope to inspire other people with my stories and thoughts about self-love and self-care. I just want to live a good life. Be true. Be a kind human being. Spread love and positivity. I don’t need to be centre stage, but I’m willing to step into the light if that is what it takes to share my lessons in a meaningful way.

I know I am more than beauty

You have picked the Princess's crown, can you tell us why?

A hard choice: I felt connected to both the Princess- and the Warrior crown. I chose the Princess because I know I am more than beauty. And because I am taking charge as I stand up for myself. I used to depend very much on other people’s approval. I am more centred now. I dare to rely on myself. So, that’s why I feel this crown suits me.

Is there a woman you want to crown?

There are like a 100 I can think of. But I would love to crown my friend Barbara. She’s one of the most important people in my life and supports me no matter what. Last year she became a mommy and she’s totally rocking it. She also runs her own business and still manages to be an amazing friend. So yeah, let’s put a crown on that queen!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I can’t possibly name just one! Sometimes I’m inspired by my friends and family. Other days I’m inspired by something I see on social media. And every now and then I inspire myself. Especially when I look back and see how far I’ve come. Self-love has made me see my blessings even more. Inspiration can come from the smallest things. A phrase, a word even or some ones writing. It can come from pictures or songs. Kindness and vulnerability inspire me. I think because being kind and being vulnerable is how we connect with each other.

What has been your biggest life lesson so far?

The tagline on my blog: Happy is not a dress size. For almost twenty years I believed being slimmer would surely mean being happier. Once I came to my senses everything changed. I know that happiness isn’t related to a number in the label of your dress. Happy isn’t measured in looks. After figuring this out my life improved in so many ways. I actually began to like myself in the last few years. And that’s pretty damn cool.

I want to tell young Mayra: ‘You are enough’

If you could time travel and give young Mayra your wisdom, what would it be?

I would want to tell her so many things! But it all comes down to this: You are enough. Don’t think that having a couple of curves means not being good enough. Don’t think that you have to change yourself to be accepted. Don’t focus on looks so much. It’s nice when the worlds thinks you’re beautiful but self-acceptance is much more important. Try to be your own best friend and say kind things when you talk to yourself. You’re a dope human being. And you will touch the hearts of others by simply being yourself.

Photography: Anna-Marie Janssen, Hair & Make-up: Bianca Fabrie, Dress: Bershka

Sabrina Starke, Singer/Songwriter, Mother, Warrior

Nancy Steeman

Sabrina Starke, Singer/Songwriter, Mother, Warrior.

I fight for what I want in life.

You are ambassador for Plan Nederland which fights for equality and better lifes for Girls around the world. Did they contact you to be an ambassador or was it the other way around? How does this work and why Plan?

I was approached by Plan to do the child marriage campaign. This was my first time as a project ambassador. I have known their work for many years. I had a sponsor child. Unfortunately she passed away but I chose to sponsor another little girl from Africa. I love how they fight for the rights of girls all over the world and I support that with love.

You are a mother of two children. Boy and Girl. Do you feel there is a difference in raising them?

There’s just a difference in their needs. With my first child everything was new and I had to figure out what works. After a while you learn how to balance it all. But every phase is different in a child’s life. So you need to learn to go with the flow. My nr 1 challenge is to let them grow up in a loving home. And make them feel like they can be anything they want to be in life.

You have picked the Warrior crown to wear in your portrait, can you tell us why?

Because I consider myself to be a goal driven person. Giving up is not an option for me. I fight for what I want in life.

What is your own mission in life?

To dedicate my life to effect social change. Using art, creativity and storytelling.

Who inspires you to be a better version of yourself?

I get inspired by many people. A lot of beautiful people have crossed my path through the years. Different things inspire me: music, art, socially engaged people, dreamers, nature...

Because of her I am

Is there a woman you would love to crown?

Of course my biggest role model is my mother. Because of her I am. She has given me unconditional love. She is always there when I need her. She has supported me in everything I wanted to do in life. So she’s my queen!

What has been your biggest life lesson so far?

You are in control of your own life. If you don’t like what your life looks like. Change it. There is nobody pulling strings. It is you who is in control. You always have a choice.

If you could time travel and give young Sabrina your wisdom, what would it be?

Follow your heart. Focus on self-love and go out and kick ass.

Photography: Anna-Marie Janssen, Hair & Make-up: Bianca Fabrie, Dress: ASOS