Wild Monarchy was founded in 2016 by Amsterdam based stylist Nancy Steeman. 

The idea behind Wild Monarchy came because of the wish for women to feel they are as worthy as the celebrities they look up to. There is plenty to admire and inspire in ourselves and in the women around us. So why not celebrate who we are and what we are about. Why not celebrate and wear our talents and strengths proudly. The designs are a mix between fairy tale and rock and roll. The brass crowns are carefully handcrafted.

I look up to Beyoncé. How does she take on the world while being a mother and businesswoman at the same time? I have no need to take over the world, but I am definitely ruling mine. I take care of my business, of my child, of myself and others around me. Wild Monarchy is the expression of that fierceness: Be proud of who you are. Crown yourself for what you do every day.” 

The collection contains 4 handmade brass crowns that each have their own character.
The Queen, The Princess, The Warrior and The Goddess.

Be inspired and be a part of our Monarchy.