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Here I would love to share my THOUGHTS and dreams with you.  Every now and then i will post a letter from me to you. About Wild Monarchy, what inspires me and keeps me going. can't wait to meet you!

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Wild Monarchy

‘Who will wear a crown?’

It’s the number one question I get ever since creating Wild Monarchy. An idea that all started with my love and admiration of Beyoncé. As the self proclaimed ‘World’s biggest Beyoncé fan’ I have Queen Bey on a pedestal. I root for her, I support her and admire her as a goddess (as she of course is).

It’s a great thing. But one day it occurred to me: ‘why couldn’t I do that for myself a little more? I, as Beyoncé, have become a mother. I, as Beyoncé, run my own business. I am ruling my world, like a queen. 

And aren’t we all? Why can’t we all be queens and wear the crown we deserve?’

It’s not always easy to get or give yourself the credit you deserve. I feel that girls and women in our society are still taught to keep themselves contained.

Does that make this a feminist brand? Maybe it does. If feminism means I am giving myself a crown for being a woman then, hell yeah! I think we all totally deserve it. I’m glad there is a fresh new movement happening today that strives for a better future in being equal.

I do not hate men. On the contrary, I love them. I’m in love with them especially mine. I created one, a tiny boy. And also for him I am doing this. To raise him in a world where boys are equal to girls and there is a great mutual respect.

Another thing I have in common with Beyoncé is an incredible love for fashion and design, which let to the creation of the crowns. Today we have four strong designs or as I like to call them ‘the characters’: The Queen, The Goddess, The Princess and The Warrior.

We all carry a bit of each trait inside of us. Pick the one you are feeling in the moment or the one you’d like to feel more of. The crowns are beautiful and exceptionally cool fashion accessories but as soon as you wear it you’ll know it is much more than that. It gives you power. It gives you an opportunity to show the world how you are actually feeling on the inside.

The crown stands for empowerment and the freedom to be who you are moulded

 in a rock ‘n roll design handmade out of brass.

I hope that one day I will see women wearing them in the streets, doing groceries and daily things. Showing they are ready to embrace and rock their femininity.

Because of this bigger picture, I wanted the online shop to be more than just a shop but a platform where we celebrate diversity with beautiful editorials, a history lesson here and there to read about who paved the way for us and interviews with known and unknown women that inspire. The magazine will grow as we are all growing and learning in life. And I can’t wait to see where it will bring us.

I hope you will enjoy all of it as much as we had making it. And I’d like to thank everyone who made this happen from the bottom of my heart.

This is for my mom, who will always run this world.

Stay Wild,