Maureen Powell//Mother//Stylist//model//Queen.


You've picked the Queen to wear on your portrait, can you tell us why?

The Princess fase is behind me. My battles I have faced and fought.
I can say that I am in a place now where I am at the head of my beautiful family and life, therefore the queen crown fits me best.


You designed a collection for 'My touch of Africa', can you tell us something about this brand and collection?

The mini me collection I made for 'My Touch of Africa' means a lot to me. The kids’ outfits are a smaller version of the adult pieces. Same pattern different styles representing the bound between mothers and daughters. I try to set a good example for my daughters and want them to appreciate their roots regardless where they are.


You are a mother of two girls. In these times where Feminism is a hot and important matter, how do you involve this in raising them?

I try to listen to them and take them serious and teach them that their opinion counts, even if it's about something really small. I teach them that they should respect others and have others always respect them. And talk about personal borders and that nobody is allowed to cross theirs.


What is your mission in life? Your main goal in life.

Raising my kids and setting a good example for them, inspire them as much as they inspire me. To Guide them in following their dreams


Who inspires you to be a better version of yourself?

That would be my daughters. They have a strong opinion and are honest to me at all times.


Is there a woman who you would love to crown, and why?

At this moment that would be my childhood friend. She lost her mother just before having her second daughter. I want to crown her and say she is doing great at being strong for her family! I have so much respect and admiration for her.


What has been your biggest life lesson so far?

That every battle can be fought and overcome. Not to worry.


If you could time travel and give young Maureen a wise advice, what would it be?

Never to give up on your goals.


What are your thoughts on cultural appropriation?

I embrace so many other cultures in my looks and life in general. It all comes down to respect and genuine interest. For me it is a way of living, not a costume party.


We were talking about your beautiful collection with the African prints, My touch of Africa. these colors and fabrics are what I would love to wear. I try to be aware of the cultural background of fashion and if it is appropriate for me to wear. I don’t have any African roots  but such a big fan of the bold African prints, what are your thoughts on cultural appropriation?

I think everybody is allowed to wear what they want. Color and print are for everybody as long as you respect the culture behind it and acknowledge the origin. 


You were enthusiastic when we asked you for this shoot, highly appreciated!

How do you feel about Wild Monarchy and her story?

A beautiful story that needs to be reminded and told at all times. Thank you for putting so much effort and love in empowering women...

Images by  Hüsne Afsar   Hair and make up by  Tineke van der donk   Dress by  Elizabetta Franchi   Many thanks to the lovely and amazing,  Maureen Powel

Images by Hüsne Afsar

Hair and make up by Tineke van der donk

Dress by Elizabetta Franchi

Many thanks to the lovely and amazing, Maureen Powel

Nancy Steeman