Marie Nanette Schaepman,//Mother//Owner of Bloom Publishing & Creative (Vogue Living//Shot of Joy Magazine) //Queen.


You have picked the Queen crown to wear on your portrait, can you tell us why? 

Because you picked it for me! I couldn’t be more honored than to be a Queen, for a moment, only for you.

You are the founder of JAN, Shot of Joy and creative director for Vogue Living and Vogue the Book. All big successes. Unfortunately PARK Magazine, also  one of your creations from 5 years ago didn’t make it. Can you tell me how that made you feel professionally and personally? Did it change the way you approached your work?

Yes it did. Having success is energizing and festive. It opens opportunities. Not being successful has more impact though.

I never regretted the beautiful adventure PARK Magazine was. Not only did we realize so many of our big dreams that one year. But the professional and creative mistakes I made on this project, thaught me more about myself than the success I had with JAN.

The main reason though, to never regret that year was the passion shared with the team of talented creatives. We had so much fun creating something we all truly believed in.


You intentionally created Shot of Joy with only videos and online material, how did you find your way back to print and manage to sell all over the world?!

Shot of Joy was my first online dream. So soon after PARK Magazine, there was simply no space for a print dream. I enjoyed exploring the possibilities of online media and learned so many new things.  

I also discovered that I was not able to make a difference in this market And that is a very important drive for me as a creator. That is when we decided to turn our online concept back into a print concept.

Shot of Joy Magazine is an international independent magazine now. We enjoy creative freedom, invest ourselves and do our distribution ourselves. That is only possible with the limited number of issues we print. With the second issue we found an international distributor interested in our magazine. It is indeed a dream come true to sell your own magazine abroad.
But we have to be humble. Compared to the Dutch magazine market we are a very tiny player.


You are a mother of two teenagers, boy & girl. Do you feel there is a intentional/unintentional difference in raising them? 

I think there is no way you can raise two kids in the exact same way. In our case they have two complete different personalities from one another, apart from them being boy and girl. Each of them has other needs, other way’s to reach them.

I think though that both me as their father have a quite relaxed manner of raising them. We are always there for them, but we give them a lot of freedom as well.

I think we are doing well. I am really proud of the persons they are becoming.


What is your mission in life? Your main goal..

To be passionate about what I do and celebrate what I have. In my work, in being with the persons I love, in my friendships.


Who inspires you to be a better version of yourself?

My partner and my children. They make fun of me when I am being silly and they correct me when necessary. That is a very healthy situation.

Is there a woman who you would love to crown, and why?

My mom. She is a very strong and sweet person. Her life is not always easy. She never complains and is always there for everyone. I am thankful for who she is.


What has been your biggest life lesson so far?

 Just do it. Even when you are afraid. I gave up my job twice to follow a dream.

Another important thing I learned is that the right team is your key to success. Al my old JAN colleagues wear a small key around their necks, to remind them that they were/are the key to its success.


If you could time travel and give young Marie a wise advice, what would it be?

In my case growing older made me so much richer. I would love to tell a young Marie that she will find that big love and that she will be able to realize her dreams.



You were enthusiastic when we asked you for this shoot, thank you so much.

How do you feel about Wild Monarchy and her story?

I love the idea of crowning women. I love the look of them. And I love the team behind them!




photo by Husne Afsar. Make up by Tineke van der Donk.

Much love and thanks to Marie Nanette.

Nancy Steeman