The Goddess

Nicole (30) Is a full-time model // Recently earned her masters in environment and resource management // Spent her childhood in Suriname // Just got signed with a New York modelling agency after being in the business for 12 years // Dreams of building an eco-friendly house with her boyfriend one day.


What made you chose the Goddess crown?

The Goddess crown spoke to me because it represents the divine that is in all of us.
It’s what drives me to bring positive energy wherever I go, as well as recognizing the good in other people.  As a result beautiful things happen.


How do you feel about feminism?

Feminism to me is about standing up for women. Shining a light on the fact that many women all over the world are still living under oppression and letting the world know that we will not forget them. It’s about being involved, being aware and being open to combine forces so that women and men together will work towards an even playing field. Also I think feminism is about individuality, enjoying the freedom as woman to live your life how you see fit. May that be as the CEO of a company, a soccer mom or both. And finally, for me personally, feminism also is about the feminine. Celebrating your beauty and power as a female.


Is there someone you would like to crown?

My mom. She is definitely my queen and she has been my biggest supporter. She has done a wonderful job raising my siblings and I and preparing us for the world.



What has been your biggest life lesson?

Learning my value. Realizing there is a place for me in this world. As a child and teen I was terribly shy. I never dared to speak up and always did precisely what was asked. When in my late teens a model scout approached me in the streets one day, my mother unexpectedly encouraged me to pursue it. ‘Who knows where it will bring you’.  Modelling has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and that is where I found my strength. It helped me learn when to stand up for myself and go after what I want.


What inspires you?

I honestly feel everyone I meet inspires me in some way. Being around other people makes you realise everyone has their own strengths an experiences. These fascinate me and inspire me to examine myself and grow in my own life.


What’s the advice you would give your 12-year-old self?

I’ve always been a very positive and trusting person and I like myself that way. My advice to my young self would be to hold on to that positive attitude, but also know it’s okay to speak up. Not everything is your responsibility.


Big shout out to the team: 
Photography by Eric van den Elsen
Hair and make up by Bianca Fabrie and Clayton Leslie @ House of Orange Agency
Model Nicole @ Touche Models
Styling assistent Teuntje Asveld
nterview by Charlene Heezen

Dress by ST STudio